Top of the 7th

Holt K’s.

Sabathia giving his all tonight. Might as well.

Young lines out to RF.

Bradley singles to LF. Wonder how much of a leash Girardi will allow.

Girardi has done an underrated job, especially these last few years. He strikes me as a calming presence in the midst of chaos, despite his fiery demeanor from his playing days.

Hannigan grounds out to 3b.

7 strong innings from Sabathia with 1 ER and 8 K’s.


Bottom of the 7th

Tazawa enters. Good time for the Sawx to see where their bullpen is at entering October.

Ellsbury singles to LF.

Okay, Sanchez. Last chance to restore my faith. 🙂

Sawx pitchers keep challenging Sanchez with high fastballs, and so far it’s working.

And another mamouth foul ball by The Sanchize.

Sanchez K’s. A. L. pitching staffs better be taking notes.

Castro pops up to SS.

Yanks officially eliminated from post-season with Blue Jays loss. Shocking.

Gregorius grounds out 2b.