Top of the 8th

Sabathia back out for the 8th. Girardi trying to save as much bullpen as possible. Or just having CC face the lefty.

Shaw grounds out to 1b. Sabathia exits. Clippard enters.

PH Hernandez K’s.

Clippard definitely the most under the radar acquisition. Can definitely be of use in the bullpen next season.

Hill flies out to LF. Sawx down to last three outs.


Bottom of the 8th

Ross enters for the Sawx.

Headley grounds out to 3b.

Definitely the least “Yanks/Sawx” game I have watched in a long time.

McCann BB’s.

Hicks doubles to left and McCann scores on a risky/ugly slide. He is okay. Yanks 5-1

Austin K’s.

Wild Pitch by Ross and Hicks advances to 3b.

Gardner BB’s.

I’m all for running it up here, especially with Betances looming in the bullpen.

Ross has less control than Donald Trump at a father/daughter dance.

Ellsbury BB’s. Enter Ramirez. Another chance for redemption for Gary Sanchez.

Sanchez K’s. Welcome to the Golden Sombrero Club.