Top of the 7th

Holt K’s.

Sabathia giving his all tonight. Might as well.

Young lines out to RF.

Bradley singles to LF. Wonder how much of a leash Girardi will allow.

Girardi has done an underrated job, especially these last few years. He strikes me as a calming presence in the midst of chaos, despite his fiery demeanor from his playing days.

Hannigan grounds out to 3b.

7 strong innings from Sabathia with 1 ER and 8 K’s.


Bottom of the 7th

Tazawa enters. Good time for the Sawx to see where their bullpen is at entering October.

Ellsbury singles to LF.

Okay, Sanchez. Last chance to restore my faith. šŸ™‚

Sawx pitchers keep challenging Sanchez with high fastballs, and so far it’s working.

And another mamouth foul ball by The Sanchize.

Sanchez K’s. A. L. pitching staffs better be taking notes.

Castro pops up to SS.

Yanks officially eliminated from post-season with Blue Jays loss. Shocking.

Gregorius grounds out 2b.



Top of the 6th

Marrero grounds out to 2b.

Sabathia hanging strong here in the 6th, even if it’s the Sawx B-squad.

Hill BB’s.

Benintendi K’s.

Sabathia vs. Bogaerts, Round 3. This may be the game.

Bogaerts K’s.

Sabathia looking ace-like in what should be his last game in pinstripes. Just can’t see the Yanks willing to pick up his pricey option for 2017.


Bottom of the 6th

Castro singles over 2b. Another leadoff runner for the Yanks. It’d be nice to get some separation here.

Gregorius flies out to LF.

Headley BB’s. Yanks threatening. Enter Scott for the Sawx.

Again, very low key game. Thought there’do be more pomp and circumstance, and this is the NESN broadcast that I’m watching.

McCann singles to CF. Bases loaded.

Hicks flies out to very shallow RF. Run can’t score. Wasted out.

Up to Austin, who has had a few nice moments hereĀ in his rookie campaign.

Austin BB’s. Castro scores. Yanks 3-1. Whew, I hate wasted opportunities.

Wild pitch by Scott and Headley scampers home. Yanks 4-1. This will work.

Gardner flies out to LF. Damage already done.

Top of the 5th

Bradley grounds out to SS, on the right side of the diamond.

Hannigan singles to CF.

Sabathia starting to labor.

Wow, Shaw grounds into the rare 1-6 DP. Nice play by Austin.

Sabathia escapesĀ again.


Bottom of the 5th

Hicks gets lucky with a pop-up bunt single. Hit ‘me where they ain’t.

Austin K’s.

Gardner pops out to SS.

Both teams should be playing for something but boy, this is a lifeless game.

Ellsbury doubles to RC and Hicks scores. Yanks 2-1. Owens night is over.

A bit weird to have Hembree face Sanchez since Owens K’d him twice.

Sanchez pops out to 2b. 0-3. The party’s over.

Top of the 4th

Benintendi grounds out to 2b.

Just heard about Foley’s new “Sloppy Papi Burger.” Delicious.

Bogaerts homers to left. Tied 1-1.

Glad the Yanks and their fans are honoring Ortiz the way they have, as opposed to some of the crass plans that have been rumoured.

Big Papi BB’s.

Brock Holt enters for Ortiz. And the crowd cheers again. Good job, NY.

Young grounds into 5-4-3 DP. Sabathia escapes further damage.


Bottom of the 4th

Owens looking much better than his 7+ ERA.

Castro lines out to RF.

In his 2nd year in NY, Didi Gregorius looks at home and making a case for an All-Star selection next year.

Gregorius pops out to 3b.

Owens drops another massive curve for a strike.

Headley BB’s.

Headley steals 2b.

McCann K’s.

Top of the 3rd

Travis Shaw doesn’t have monster numbers but still a lot better than what could have been expected from a healthy Pablo Sandoval.

Shaw grounds out to 2b.

No Pedroia, Betts, Ramirez, Leon, Holt. Thanks, John Farrell.

Marrero K’s.

Hill lines out to 3b.

Sabathia cruising, so far…..


Bottom of the 3rd

Tyler Austin making a serious case to battle Greg Bird for 1b next year. Just needs to work on his D and BA.

Austin singles to LF. That will help.

Garnder lines out to CF.

Austin advances on a wild pitch.

Sawx fans should be grateful to Ellsbury for signing with the Yanks. It’s the key reason Betts and Bradley got to develop.

Ellsbury grounds out to 2b. Austin moves to 3b.

Owens being careful with Sanchez, as you should.

Sanchez all over the curve, but foul. Whew….

Sanchez K’s. Again. What a bust. šŸ™‚

Top of the 2nd

Big Papi to lead off and getting the cheers he has earned.

“Thanks Big Papi….for the painful memories” That sign sums it up.

Big Papi, George Brett and Edgar Martinez = the 3 biggest Yankee killers of my lifetime.

Ortiz K’s.

Maybe Sabathia is on tonight.

Young singles to RF. No-No averted.

Bradley grounds into FC to eliminate Young.

Hannigan grounds out to 2b.

Bottom of the 2nd

Headley grounds out to SS.

Brian McCann seems to have taken the ascendance of Gary Sanchez in stride. I’m sure $17 million/year helps.

McCann K’s on a huge breaking curve, just like Amanda Buttermaker’s.

Hicks K’s.

Top of the 1st

I get that the Sawx have already won the division and they have earned the right to rest some regulars but they still should be playing for home field.

Hill strikes out.

Andrew Benintendi looks like one of the kids from Stranger Things.

Benintendi strikes out.

Back to back K’s for Sabathia. Too early to be impressed.

Boegaerts strikes out.

And Sabathia K’s the side. Still too early to be impressed. Sawx hitters just look to be working his pitch count, which is a good strategy.

Bottom of the 1st

Brett Gardner has put together a solid season but he needs to be stealing 30-40 bags a season for the Yanks to succeed.

Garnder grounds out to SS.

The Yanks overpaid severely for Jacoby Ellsbury. No way he can ever live up to the contract nor garner any trade interest.

Ellsbury walks.

I’m not worried if Gary Sanchez gets passed over for ROY. He can just win MVP next season.

Ellsbury steals 2b. Sanchez K’s.

Starlin Castro has been a great addition at 2b. Makes up some for the loss of Cano after 2013. And he won’t bankrupt them, yet.

Castro doubles and Ellsbury scores, 1-0 Yanks.

Gregorius flies out to LF.